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In order to retain talent by creating an engaging and enjoyable workplace culture, employers are taking steps to improve the office environment and pantry offerings. While snacks and coffee do spark happiness, they become less appealing to the growing number of employees and workers who are becoming more and more health-conscious. Smooder is here to empower healthy habits by bringing you a smoothie on demand in less than 2mins, right in your office pantry.

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Natural fruits and veg, No sugar added, 100% Healthy

Our Smooder cups arrive at your office, event or home — conveniently filled with a delicious variety of hyper-fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Our ingredients are ultra-fresh and flash frozen, adopting the state of the art IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology to optimise the fruits' peak freshness and nutritional value. Try one of our yummy flavours today!

Smooder machine

Proprietary machine developed in collaboration with A*Star, Singapore.

❶ Plug and play installation
❷ Simple user interface, with blend-in-cup technology
❸ With its self-cleaning technology, you won’t have to waste time cleaning
❹ Fast and convenient! Making smoothies only take 60 seconds!

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