Why Pantry Is Important for Employees’ Productivity?

Want to improve your employee's or colleague's productivity? Explore this article on how a small and simple investment will return huge gains for your company.

Henry Tan

11/14/20212 min read

In a usual case, employees stay at least 8 hours in the office and some maybe even more for about 5 days a week. Some may even say working professionals spend more time in the office than in their own homes. Now some companies pay more attention to the office pantry but why? For some, it is a place for office gathering to boost morale, encourage collaboration and impress clients.

But little do they know a well-stocked pantry can actually boost productivity. In a study, 57% of working professionals buy their own snacks and beverages at work. Not limited to that, one in two respondents reported leaving the office for a coffee or snack run at least once a day and some as many as five times a day.

These are not unproductive employees, these are just hungry employees finding something to munch so they could focus better at work. The science behind this is glucose levels will decrease when we are hungry which a balanced glucose level will ensure a person’s focus and attention to detail.

Although, emotional eating is not encouraged eating does provide a mood boost when needed. Office space tends to be stressful at times and having snack options will help employees to cope with their stress levels.

Sometimes you hear people say, “the littlest things matter” and it’s true especially for a well-stocked pantry! According to Inc. Magazine, 60% of working professionals mentioned having free snacks in the office makes them feel “valued and appreciated”.

At Smooder, we hope to achieve both the benefits of eating snacks while ensuring that it is nutritional and beneficial to health and mental wellbeing. And we know that employees want healthier too. New data suggests that today’s employees are more health-conscious than ever. According to one study, 65 percent of employees report that having access to healthy snacks in the office is “very” or “extremely important”, with 53 percent saying office snacks help them stay healthy. 41 percent of employees want to know where the ingredients in their office meals come from.

Instead of eliminating all catered or complimentary meals and snacks in the office – which will remove a companies’ ability to positively influence their eating habits, increase the likelihood of energy-crash-inducing blood sugar swings, and lead to employees spending more time away from the office – unlock the hidden benefits of healthy office eating and elevate your company snack game. The benefits of doing so are robust. We’re talking about things like engagement, happiness, productivity, and even attracting and retaining talent.

I passionately believe that the opportunity to affect change through micro-eating moments and healthier on-the-go food decisions is much bigger than most of us realize. With the multiple benefits of fruits, it might still be a hassle to buy a variety of fruits due to their short shelf life and to prepare them for consumption. Smooder aims to bring convenience to you by providing Smooder fruit cups either to your office pantry or your home, empowering your healthy habits starting today. Experience the whole new level of convenience of drinking healthy in conjunction with using our proprietary Smooder machine. Book your free demo today!

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